SpoonCrank Box


Flexible and highly adaptable storage for all your go-to lures

Easy customization for all your angling needs

Organize by color / size / lure type/ fish species.

Product Configuration

The SpoonCrank box can be configured in the following ways.

Spoon Box

  • 90 Magnum and/or standard spoons
  • Multiple spoons can be double/triple stacked for additonal capacity

CrankBait Box

  • 50 Crankbaits
  • Insertable partitions prevent hook tangles
  • Cards are deep enough to secure large deep diving baits like Reef Runner 900, Papala 14s, ( any lure 6.75 inch from tip of bill to bend in tail hook)

SpoonCrank Box

  • Configure box to your angling needs
  • 10 Cards per box
  • 9 Spoons per card
  • 5 Crankbaits per card
  • Multiple combinations of spoons & crankbaits with insertable partitions

Additional storage
in the cover

Easy Access To

  • Pliers
  • Leatherman Multi-Tool
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Flourocarbon Leaders/Line
  • Fish Scale
  • Pinch Pads
  • Tooth Picks
  • Rubber Bands
  • Hook Sharpener
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Clip On Weight
  • Screw Driver

Ideal Size

  • Great For Space Challenged Boats
  • Compact Size ( 15″ x 8.8″ x 9.4″ )
  • Stores In Out Of The Way Places
  • Fits Under Boat Seat
  • Imagine All Your Favorite Lures Organized In An Easy To Store And Retrievable Box

Robust Construction Will Provide Years Of Service

  • Thick Plastic Walls
  • Lifetime Warranty On All Hinges
  • Joint Between Partitions and Cards Is A Strong Friction Fit That Locks Into Place And Is Easily Removed When Time To Reconfigure The Box
  • Foam on Cover Keeps Lures In Place
  • Holes In Box Sides Drain Moisture And Provides Ventilation
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending


Spooncrank BoxStarted fishing perch with my grandfather when I was six. Had to fish by his rules; Bait my own hook, take the fish off my hook, go when he was going and return when he decided that it was time. During the summer we went fishing almost every evening at Pool Pond in Ringe, New Hampshire. In the picture is my grandfather, my older brother, cousin and me. Also, you can see the 18 foot row boat that we used. This great experience established my love of fishing. Over time I acquired more fishing tackle and must have tried every fishing tackle box invented by man. Started with a tin box for hooks and sinkers moved on to plastic tackle boxes by Plano and Flambeau. Later I switched to fishing tackle utility boxes, satchels and tackle bags. At one point bigger was better like the Special Mate boxes until I realized that I was using the same lures over and over to catch all my fish. That coupled with the fact that my boat got smaller when my two fishing buddies were on board and we found ourselves tripping over the First Mate boxes. It got bad enough that I started to look for a better solution. I couldn’t find a commercial solution that fit my needs so I decided to make my own. I picked a size that was big enough to hold all my go-to fish catching lures but small enough to store and access easily. I live on Grand Island, NY and am fortunate to be able to conveniently fish trout and salmon on Lake Ontario and walleye and bass on Lake Erie. Needing a combination of spoons and stickbaits lead me to design a fishing tackle storage system that easily accommodate both lure types. Hence, the insertable partitions which allow me to customized the box to my needs now and in the future. When you buy a SpoonCrank Box you are buying the convenience of having all your go-to fishing lures and terminal tackle equipment organized in one easy to store package. You do not need separate boxes for spoons and stickbaits. 15% of my customers buy two SpoonCrank Boxes. They are split between wanting more storage capacity with easier boat storage or customizing each box to a particular fish species. They have set up boxes for spring brown trout, trout & salmon and walleye. Just grab the box that fits your planed day of fishing and go. Hope you like my concept and get to enjoy the convenience of this unique tackle storage system.

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  • 90 Magnum and/or standard spoons
  • Multiple spoons can be double/triple stacked for additional capacity
  • Includes box plus 10 Cards

Crankbait Box

  • 50 Crankbaits
  • Partitions prevent hook tangles
  • Includes box, ten cards and 40 partitions.


  • Sold in a package of 20 partitions
  • 20 Partitions converts 1/2 of a spoon box to hold Crankbaits


  • Single cards are available if replacements are ever needed