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  • 90 Magnum and/or standard spoons
  • Multiple spoons can be double/triple stacked for additional capacity
  • Includes box plus 10 Cards

Crankbait Box

  • 50 Crankbaits
  • Partitions prevent hook tangles
  • Includes box, ten cards and 40 partitions.

SpoonCrank Deeper Diver Box

  • Hangs 50 Lures up to 9 ½ inches from hook bend to lip
  • Some Examples
    • Bandit – Walleye Deep
    • Bomber – Deep long A
    • Smithwick – Top 20 Rogue
    • Reef Runner – Deep Diver 800
    • Rapala – Down Deep Huskey Jerk
  • All the same features of the SpoonCrank Box with the addition of a deeper box


  • Sold in a package of 20 partitions
  • 20 Partitions converts 1/2 of a spoon box to hold Crankbaits


  • Single cards are available if replacements are ever needed